Artsy. Darcy.

twenty-three years old.
sisseton/wahpeton dakota. spirit lake.
cultural anthropology major.

So there’s an event on my campus called “Swing and Sway, the Indian Way!”for Diversity Week. A few others (Natives) and I found that title somewhat mocking and inappropriate. We also wondered how there was a Native event on campus and those of us in American Indian Student Association didn’t know about it. I asked my professor if he knew why that title was chosen, because I saw that it was his drum group that is doing the event. (I guess he came up with the title) Apparently it’s a common saying amongst powwow MCs. The other students and I had never heard of it. He gave us a crap ton of sources and the history of the saying. But, to be honest, it still sounds wrong.

Trying to be quiet when eating pretzel crisps is not possible.

It’s hard trying to be positive all the time especially when I feel like an inconvenience to my friends and family.

I find it so weird when someone is ignoring me… like WTH?

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