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twenty-three years old.
sisseton/wahpeton dakota. spirit lake.
cultural anthropology major.

I miss hearing rez talk/slang. Was just talking to a friend and it made me miss home. Haha.

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Histroy Time!



This is a quick overview of what happened to Tulsa, OK’s “Black Wall Street” in 1921.

The black population grew to prominent, too successful, so they were literally massacred. They were bombed by the US government. The United States of America sanctioned the firebombing of the black population of a major city prevent “a Negro uprising”.

Most people don’t know which US city was the first in history to be attacked by air, and this is why

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kind of been on a shopping binge these last few days. oh well. rewarding myself early for turning 24 in 10 days. haha. it will be my golden birthday after all. 

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